Instrument Archive

In addition to the restoration instruments for clients, we have a continual restoration programme from our stock of antique keyboard instruments. Listed below are some of the instruments which we have restored in the past.

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 Harpsichord by Jacob & Abraham Kirckman c.1775

  Spinet by Baker Harris, London 1770

 Grand Piano by John Broadwood N° 490, London 1792

  Square Piano by Johannes Pohlman, London 1774

  Square piano by Johannes Broadwood N°671, London 1787

  Square Piano by Adam Beyer, London c.1792

  Octavina by Arnold Dolmetsch 1928

  4½ octave Clavichord by Robert Goble, 1937

  Harpsichord by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1349, 1981

  Clavichord after Silbermann 1775 by Edmund Handy, 2002

 Anonymous Walnut English Bentside Spinet c.1770

 Square Piano by Longman and Broderip, London c.1782

 Square Piano by Longman and Broderip N° 870, London c.1785

 Square Piano by Adam Beyer N° 832, London 1787

  Square Piano by Longman and Broderip N°1846, London c.1788

 Square Piano by John Bland, London c.1790

  Square Piano by Bates and Co. N°163, London 1793

 Square Piano by George Freudenthaler, London c.1795

  Square piano by Longman, Clementi & Compy N°1194, London 1799

  Square Piano by John Broadwood & Son N° 10330, London 1807

  Square Piano by John Broadwood & Sons N° 17137, London c.1812

  Square Piano by Clementi & Co., London c.1810–15

 Square Piano by William Stodart N° 4329, London c.1815

 Square Piano by Clementi & Comp. N° 13741, London c.1815-1820

  6½ octave Grand Piano by William Stodart, London c.1815-20

 Square Piano by Clementi & Company N° 15271, London c.1825

  Octavina by Arnold Dolmetsch N°500, Haslemere 1948

  5 octave Spinet by Robert Goble, N°277, 1964

  Clavichord by Robert Goble, 1966

  Spinet by Michael Heale N°26, 1967

  Harpsichord after Iberian School, 20th Century

  Clavichord by Robert Goble N°422, 1969

  Wing-shaped Spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1179, c.1975

  Spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1145, Haslemere 1977

  5 octave Spinet by John Morley, c.1979

  Wing-shaped spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1184, c.1980

  Spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1312, Haslemere c.1980

  4½ octave Spinet by Hugh Craig N°220, 1982

  Harpsichord after Goermans ⁄ Taskin by Bizzi, 1997

  4 ½ Octave Spinet by Andrew Durand