Instrument Archive

In addition to the restoration instruments for clients, we have a continual restoration programme from our stock of antique keyboard instruments. Listed below are some of the instruments which we have restored in the past.

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 Harpsichord by Jacob & Abraham Kirckman c.1775

  Spinet by Baker Harris, London 1770

 Grand Piano by John Broadwood N° 490, London 1792

  Square Piano by Johannes Pohlman, London 1774

  Square piano by Johannes Broadwood N°671, London 1787

  4½ octave Clavichord by Robert Goble, 1937

  Clavichord after Silbermann 1775 by Edmund Handy, 2002

 Anonymous Walnut English Bentside Spinet c.1770

 Square Piano by Longman and Broderip, London c.1782

 Square Piano by Longman and Broderip N° 870, London c.1785

 Square Piano by Adam Beyer N° 832, London 1787

  Square Piano by Longman and Broderip N°1846, London c.1788

 Square Piano by John Bland, London c.1790

  Square Piano by Bates and Co. N°163, London 1793

 Square Piano by George Freudenthaler, London c.1795

  Square piano by Longman, Clementi & Compy N°1194, London 1799

  Square Piano by John Broadwood & Son N° 10330, London 1807

  Square Piano by John Broadwood & Sons N° 17137, London c.1812

  Square Piano by Clementi & Co., London c.1810–15

 Square Piano by William Stodart N° 4329, London c.1815

 Square Piano by Clementi & Comp. N° 13741, London c.1815-1820

  6½ octave Grand Piano by William Stodart, London c.1815-20

 Square Piano by Clementi & Company N° 15271, London c.1825

  Octavina by Arnold Dolmetsch N°500, Haslemere 1948

  5 octave Spinet by Robert Goble, N°277, 1964

  Clavichord by Robert Goble, 1966

  Spinet by Michael Heale N°26, 1967

  Harpsichord after Iberian School, 20th Century

  Wing-shaped Spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1179, c.1975

  Spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1145, Haslemere 1977

  5 octave Spinet by John Morley, c.1979

  Wing-shaped spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1184, c.1980

  4½ octave Spinet by Hugh Craig N°220, 1982

  Harpsichord after Goermans ⁄ Taskin by Bizzi, 1997