Square Piano by George Freudenthaler, London c.1795

An unrecorded London maker, perhaps related to the 18th century Parisian harpsichord maker William Freudenthaler, this is possibly the only remaining instrument by this maker. This instrument has 5 octaves (FF-f³) with a single action and overhead (lever) dampers. There is one lever which operates the sustain. The casework is in faded Mahogany with an inlaid line of coloured woods, with a French stand. The original dust cover is present.
Case dimensions: 61 ½ × 21 ¼ × 8 ½″ (exc. lid).
Nameboard inscription reads: "George Freudenthaler Londini Fecit ⁄ N° 10 Clipstone Street near Portland Place"
This instrument is tuned to A=415.