Spinet by Michael Heale N°26, 1967

This compact little spinet has a compass of 4½ octaves (C-f³) with a buff stop. The case is veneered in rosewood, with a spruce soundboard and the bridge & nut in beech. The jacks are in plastic with leather plectra. The nameboard inscription reads: "Musica Laborum Dulce Levamen".

The late Michael Heale was the first Dolmetsch apprentice, and whilst he went on to become better known for his stringed instruments he continued to make keyboard instruments throughout his life. At the time, these little spinets were also being sold through the Harrods department store in London.

This spinet is tuned to a¹=440.
Dimensions: 1410 × 655 × 197mm approx. (55½ × 25¾ × 7¾″)
Overall height: 832mm (32¾″)

This instrument has been fully serviced in our workshops including re-stringing, and is available to play and inspect by appointment.

This spinet was sold in 2016.