Square Piano by Longman, Clementi & Compy N°1194, London 1799

We are pleased to offer for sale this fine square piano by Longman, Clementi & Company N°1194, made in London in 1799. This piano has a compass of 5½ octaves with Irish dampers. The case is in mahogany with a single line inlay, veneered to the interior in sycamore with a double line inlay, and sits on a French stand. The nameboard is beautifully painted with sweet peas, peonies, roses, morning glories & foliage and bears an enamel plaque with the inscription: "New Patent ⁄ Longman, Clementi & Compy ⁄ Cheapside ⁄ London". The serial number 1194 is stamped to the left of the keyboard. The original silk-covered inner cover is still present.

Dimensions: 1640 × 585 × 220mm (64½ ×23 × 8¾″) approx.
Overall height: 855mm (33¾) approx.
This instrument is tuned to a1 =415.

This instrument was sensitively restored by Andrew Lancaster in the 1990s, and was fully serviced in our workshops.

This piano was sold in October 2016.