Harpsichord by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1349, Haslemere 1981

Now sold, this lovely small harpsichord by Arnold Dolmetsch, N°1349, was made in Haslemere in 1981. This harpsichord has a compass of 5 octaves (FF - f³) with 1 × 8″, 1 × 4″ and harp stop. The case is veneered in walnut and crossbanded with satinwood, bearing decorative brass hinges. and sitting on a trestle stand. The keyboard has boxwood naturals and ebony sharps, the soundboard is in spruce with painted decoration by L.McDaniel. The jacks are in plastic with delrin plectra.

Tuned to a¹=440.
Dimensions: 1560 × 940mm × 210mm approx.

This instrument has been fully refurbished in our workshops, including restringing and replacement plectra, and is available to play and inspect by appointment.

This harpsichord was sold in spring 2022.