Clavichord after Silbermann 1775 by Edmund Handy, 2002

This fine clavichord after J.H. Silbermann by Edmund Handy was sold by our workshops in autumn 2019.

This clavichord has a compass of 5 octaves (FF - f³); the case, stand and panelled lid are in walnut, the keyboard is in lime with ebony naturals and ebony & bone sharps, and the soundboard bears an elegant parchment rose. The instrument is strung in period wire brass and covered strings.

Case dimensions: 1382 × 498 × 160mm (54 ½ × 19 ½ × 6 ¼ approx) inc. lid.
Overall height: 778mm (30 ½′ approx.)
Tuned to a¹=415.

SOLD in autumn 2019.