Spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch N°1145, Haslemere 1977

This unique small spinet by Arnold Dolmetsch, N°1145 was sold by our workshops in autumn 2019.

This spinet has a compass of 4 ½ octaves (C,D - f³) with a buff stop. The case is painted in an off-white with gold banding with a red interior and sits on a trestle stand. The keyboard has ebony naturals and ivory-capped ebony sharps, the soundboard is in spruce decorated with flowers, birds and butterflies. The jacks are in plastic with delrin plectra.

This spinet is tuned to a¹=440.
Dimensions: 1195 × 610mm (47 × 24″) approx.
Overall height: 780mm (30 ⅝″).

SOLD in autumn 2019.