Square Piano by Johannes Broadwood N°671, London 1787

We are pleased to offer for sale this fine early square piano by John Broadwood made in London in 1787. This piano has a compass of 5 octaves (FF-f³) with a single action and brass under-dampers.The decorative case is in mahogany with satinwood banding and a complex ′train-track′ inlay. The case sits on a French stand with shelf, and the original plain pine inner cover is present.

Case dimensions: 1565 × 520 × 220 mm.
Tuned to a¹=415.

This instrument has been sensitively restored in our workshops and is available to play and inspect by appointment.

This piano was sold in 2016.

Below is a recording of this piano made at our workshop of ′Preludio II alla Haydn′ by Muzio Clementi from ′Musical Characteristics Op.19′, published in 1787. Our thanks to Penelope Cave for the performance.