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Replacement Leg Threads For Square Pianos

Turned from solid beech, these replacement leg threads are suitable for most English square pianos until about 1830, and are a much better solution than threaded metal rod or glueing the legs into the baseboard!

Copied from an original pattern, these replacements will fit the existing internal threads in the baseboard. We have fitted these replacement threads to many different makes of piano, including Broadwood, Clementi, Stodart, Astor & Horwood, Phillips and Tomkison amongst others.

The thread is 1 7/16;" in diameter and 2 5/8" in length, the pitch is approx 5/16"; the shank is 1" in diameter and 3 1/4" in length.

With these replacement leg threads, an existing internal thread in the baseboard can prove to be quite serviceable, even if it appears to be in quite poor condition. In those cases where the internal thread really is beyond use, we also make replacement internal threads, which will of course fit original leg threads as well as our replacements. However, fitting these to a baseboard is not necessarily straightforward - please do give us a call to discuss your particular situation.

These replacement leg threads are priced at £40 plus postage. Alternatively, we will be happy to replace the thread to your leg for you - please contact us regarding your requirements.