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Harpsichord after Ruckers 1638 by Roger Palmer, 1993

We are pleased to offer for sale this fine harpsichord dated 1993 after the 1638 double manual Ruckers in the Russell Collection. Made by Roger Palmer in Dorset, this Flemish harpsichord has a compass of 4 octaves & 7 notes (GG/BB - d3) with 2×8′, 1×4′ & buff stop and is transposing.

The poplar case is painted and decorated with printed papers, the lid with paintings on paper of flowers, birds and insects, and the instrument sits on a turned stand with matching music stool. The keyboard has bone naturals and ebony sharps and the wooden jacks have delrin plectra. The instrument has been fully refurbished, restrung in Rose 'A' iron and brass, voiced and regulated in our workshops.

Dimensions: 2145 × 850mm.
Tuned to: a¹=415/440.

This instrument was sold in Spring 2020.