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Double Manual Harpsichord after Taskin by Stephen Fogg 1992

This transposing double manual harpsichord has a compass of 5 octaves (FF to f3) with 2×8′ and 1×4′ registers with harp stop and shove coupler. The spruce soundboard is painted with flowers and birds. The bridges and nuts in are beech and the jacks in pear with delrin plectra. The harpsichord sits on a stand with 6 detachable cabriole legs and has a padded canvas travelling cover.

This harpsichord transposes A=415/440.

Case dimensions: 2320 × 960 × 290mm. Overall height: 930mm.

This harpsichord has been maintained by us and is in excellent overall condition and full playing order.

The instrument is available to play and inspect at our workshops by appointment.

Price: Sold