Octavina by Arnold Dolmetsch N°500, Haslemere 1948


We are pleased to offer for sale this fine 4′ pitch octavina by Arnold Dolmetsch N°500, made in Haslemere in 1948. This octavina has a compass of 4 octaves (c-c4). The case is in solid walnut with the lid and flap veneered in walnut, with the moulding details and lid edges highlighted in gold, and sits on 4 octagonal screw-in legs. The keyboard has boxwood naturals and arcades with ebony accidentals, the jacks are in wood with new leather plectra and the instrument has been restrung in Rose A iron and brass.

This octavina is tuned to a¹=440.
Dimensions: 770 × 500mm approx. (30 ¼ × 20″).

This instrument has been fully restored in our workshops.

This octavina is now sold.