Spinet after Thomas Barton 1727

Several years ago we restored a spinet of 1727 made by Thomas Barton and with the owner's permission we made drawings and templates of the instrument, which we subsequently used to fulfil an order for a spinet with a double curve to the bentside. Since then we have made several copies of this popular instrument, including this spinet which was completed as a commission in 2014 and which we are now pleased to offer for sale.

This spinet has a compass of 5 octaves (GG-g3), the keyboard in lime with natural coverings in bone and skunktail sharps. The case is veneered in walnut with a herringbone inlay and walnut cross-banding, and the turned stand is in walnut. The soundboard is in spruce, the bridge and nut are in pear. The jacks are in pear with holly tongues, quilled in turkey. The instrument is strung in period brass and iron.

Dimensions: 1870 x 730mm (73½ x 28¾″).
Overall height: 835mm (33″).
This spinet is tuned to a¹=415.

This spinet has been fully serviced and set up in our workshops and is available to inspect and play by appointment.

Price on application.