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Square Piano by Longman and Broderip N°435, London c.1796

This rather unusual piano by Longman & Broderip has a compass of 5 octaves (FF-f³) with a single action and overhead lever dampers with a sustain operated by a hand lever. The case is in mahogany with the dovetails showing at the corners, and there is original metal re-inforcement to the case and structure. The nameboard is charmingly painted with an octagonal cartouche bearing the inscription "LONGMAN & BRODERIP ⁄ LONDON" below an image of the Price of Wales feathers with coronet, flanked by the lion of England and the unicorn of Scotland.

This is a very rare example of a piano prepared for export to the tropics.

Dimensions: 61 9⁄16 × 21 7⁄8 × 8 5⁄8" (1564 × 555 × 219mm).

This instrument is awaiting restoration.

Price on application.